Sew Red Mystery Sew-a-Long- Quilt Square #1

Earlier this year I had the honor of having my first sewing design published in a book called Sew Red. It was my first real attempt at designing a sewn garment and I thought the result was pretty good! I mean, I am no Amy Butler, Kaffe Fassett, or Anna Maria Horner (yes, those are some of the talented folks featured in the book) but I am so humbled to share book space with these amazing folks. When I was asked to participate in a quilt block of the month style sew-a-long in honor of the book, I have to admit, I was, well, terrified. Quilting is so not my area of expertise. I did begin work on my first quilt ever earlier this year, but shamefully that project sits all cut out and partially sewn in the corner of my craft room. It's fun, but sadly it doesn't hold my attention the way knitting does. I love making my own clothes with the caveat that they be quick garments that can be sewn in a matter of hours.

So anyway, I said yes, mainly because I couldn't bear to let the Stitch Red campaign down but also because I like a challenge. Also, I was reassured that the square could be super simple, to appeal to novice quilters like myself. Ok, I'll bite.

So, being the overachiever that I am, I went ahead and made two squares, the first and easiest of which I will share today. I'll share the second one with you on a later post. I should preface this by saying I am really only joking about the overachiever thing... I set out to make one type of square, but never being that great at puzzles (and that's what these little fabric pieces look like to me) I couldn't quite get it to work so I moved on to plan B. Then of course, as soon as I finished the sewing on plan B, plan A miraculously worked out and I ended up with two squares. Here is the quilt square we will be making today:


So for today's quilt square, you need eight 5" x 5" squares of fabric. I kept it simple by just buying a charm pack which (for the quilting novices like myself) are pre-cut stacks of fabric that are usually all from the same collection of fabrics. My squares are from Sandy Gervais' "Flirt" line of fabric. Unfortunately we are all out of the "Flirt" pre-cuts now, but if you like this fabric, we still have uncut yardage available at Jimmy Beans. Or you can always choose from one of these other adorable pre-cuts. (I really love the Tula Pink Salt Water Collection. Seahorses, octopuses, and anchors. Squee!) I chose the "Flirt" collection though because it fits in so well with the Stitch Red and Sew Red theme.


Ok, so the other supplies you will need are a sewing machine, thread, scissors, a ruler and preferably a rotary cutter and board.

Here is how you make this square:

Step 1: Cut your 5" x 5" squares on the diagonal as shown in the picture below. I use the rotary cutter for this but you can also draw a diagonal line on the back side of your squares and cut on the line.



Step 2: Arrange your triangles into 4 separate squares. I paired the like-printed triangles on the points as shown in the photo with another pair of like-printed triangles.

Step 3: Sew each of your four squares together using a 1/4" seam allowance. Press your seams down on the back side of your quilt squares as you go.

Step 4: Once each of your 4 squares is sewn together, sew all of your squares into one larger square but sewing together 2 pairs of squares, pressing the seam, then sewing all four together along the long edge down the middle.

And that's it! This square is so simple and can be done many different ways and with many different color combos. It's a great way to use up fabric scraps too!

Best of luck sewing your first quilt square, and please leave me a comment if you have any questions! I am happy to help.

Happy sewing!