Backpacking with the Dads

Every year on father's day weekend, my husband's family and some of their friends have this tradition. The dad's pack up all the kids and enough food, camping equipment, and fishing gear, and drive out to the middle of nowhere Nevada (well, it's actually the Arc Dome Wilderness on the Cow Creak Canyon Trail to be more specific) and go backpacking for four days. This started when the kids were young. I believe my sister in law was around 9 or 10 when she went the first time. Nick and I with Arc Dome in the background.

Now that all of the kids have grown and are out of college, the tradition still stands and we try to go every year when time permits. This yearly event is one of the most fun trips we go on all year and it's so great spending time with everyone.



It's funny though, each year I am amazed at the camp set up. Since they have been doing this trip for years, they have gradually stashed away items into hiding places such as camp tables, a horseshoe set, a dutch oven, a shovel... Items that come out of the woods every year for our use and then go back into hiding. Amazing.


 This year, we had 14 people on the trip, one of the largest groups we've ever had. As usual, we packed in WAY too much food and ended up packing a lot back out. Luckily the hike in (and out) is only about 5 miles, which makes for a pretty easy day of backpacking even with a heavy pack.

Love these trees, perfect for a hammock!

We hike in to a gorgeous camping spot along the Reese River in a lovely grove of Aspen trees. It's funny, one of the kids (who's actually in his mid-20's now) is named for this River. So you can see how this place is certainly special to all who have participated in the trips over the years.

There is even time for knitting!


And definitely time for Hobo Pies.

I feel lucky to be a part of the tradition. So lucky.

Sunset over Arc Dome