Home for the Holidays and a Mystery KAL!

Hi all! So, things have been crazy at work! Like super crazy! Holiday collections, Downton Abbey yarn, flood warnings...you name it, we've had it! Most of the stuff is good of course (except for maybe the flood warnings) but it's been nuts!

The Downton Abbey yarn is probably my favorite part of the whole mess. One of my lovely co-workers, Gina, created the color months ago as a possible Lorna's Limited Edition color and we've been saving it for the holidays. Last month, another co-worker Rachel, and I decided it would be fun to call the color "Christmas at Downton" which is one of our favorite shows (it's on PBS Masterpiece Theatre). Then, I had the bright idea to do a Mystery KAL with the color when season 3 starts in January. Voila, now we have the best selling Lorna's Limited Edition color EVER! Take that Twilight! Downton Abbey in the house!

So now, I am leading a KAL with the "Christmas at Downton" yarn.  All details will be revealed on Dec. 31st and the knitting will begin on Jan. 6th. You can get all of the details on the Ravelry page. Feel free to "favorite" it while you are there or add it to your queue. I am #4 on the Hot Right Now list and it's my first time in the top 5. So exciting!


In other news, we've been decorating the house for Christmas. Nick and I aren't particularly religious, but our families all celebrate the holidays and for us it's the tradition part that keeps us going. His parents cut us a tree when they went out to get theirs so we decorated it and put up a few other festive decorations we had, most of which were wedding gifs we haven't had a chance to use yet. Here is what our house is looking like these days. I kind of love it.

IMG_1853 IMG_1854 IMG_1855