Knit Red and my first Giveaway EVER!

Hi everyone! Long time no see. I know, I'm sorry, but I've been busy, and over the next few days, you'll see why as I'll be sharing some of my most recent projects with you. This one however is kind of the most exciting one. Mainly because I am in a book. A real book with pages and everything. Published by a major company. You ever heard of a little publication called Vogue Knitting? Yeah, they do that too. 

This is so crazy for me to talk about on several levels. For one, a year ago, I never thought I've ever get to be in a book with designers like Norah Gaughan, Jared Flood, Ysolda Teague, Deborah Norville, Kim Hargreaves, Kieran Foley, Debbie Bliss, Ann Norling, Diane Soucy...and the list goes on! It's so surreal I have to constantly pinch myself.


Knit Red is not only a book featuring amazing designers (and me), it's really a book that makes you think about your health. Heart Disease is the #1 killer of women in the US and so many women don't realize that the symptoms of a heart attack for them are different than they are for men. In fact, many women report having flu-like symptoms before the onset of a heart attack, not the usual chest pain. Most importantly though, preventative measures such as eating healthy, exercising, not smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, and monitoring your blood cholesterol by getting it checked regularly can all help fight heart disease.  

Heart disease runs in my family so it is constantly on my mind. My father has been dealing with the effects of heart disease for over a decade and is still here to tell the tale. It's been a rough road, but we are so thankful that he's still with us a quadruple bypass and and valve replacement later. He's had to change his lifestyle habits quite a bit and it's been challenging. Every day that he has with us is a gift. My family realizes that and tries not to take it for granted.


In all this book is a labor of love. My boss, Laura Zander, has put her heart and soul into this book and all of us at Jimmy Beans are so proud to be a part of it in some way. Jeanne and I especially as we are lucky enough to have been able to design something and be featured amongst some of the most elite designers in the country. I am so honored.


I've been given a copy of Knit Red to share with one lucky reader. Please leave me a comment letting me know which design from Knit Red you want to knit and why. You can view all 30 designs on Ravelry. I'll pick a winner at random on Monday, June 11th and announce the winner in that day's blog post. Yes, that's right, I intend to blog more than once this month! :)

Good luck, thanks for reading, and happy knitting everyone!