Need a project? I've got about 20...

Seriously, I'm in over my head as usual. I am just hoping it will all work out in the wash, as usual. I am currently trying to crank out two designs (one knitting, one sewing) draw up specs and knit a swatch for a design submission, swatch for another design, finish a baby gift by this weekend, sew a quilt that I had no business starting in the first place, and make progress on my KAL sweater. I also have several other more minor projects on the needles and I still need to go back and redo the sleeves on my Tea Leaves Cardigan. I should just accept that that's never going to to get done in just weave in those final ends and call it a day, but I really want longer sleeves... In short, I am busy.

This quilt that I had no business starting is actually cause for much excitement. It's my first quilt ever and I am totally in love with the fabrics I picked out for it. I am sewing a fun cheveron quilt from this tutorial, and I'm using the American Jane School Days Collection by Moda. I literally fell in love with these prints and the bright primary colors and figured they would make a great first quilt! I've spent a bunch of time cutting out my squares and plan on beginning the sewing process tonight!

My Knit-a-Long piece is for the Spring KAL over at Jimmy Beans. We are knitting Cecily Glowik MacDonald's Goodale cardigan and sewing a skirt to go with it. I've chosen to use the Cascade Venezia Sport yarn, and it's so gorgeous that I know I am going to get a ton of wear out of my finished sweater!

The skirt we are sewing is actually from a book by Brett Bara- Sewing in a Straight Line, and I've already made it once before. I thought it would be the perfect beginner skirt project! Here is a picture of my recently completed version in Amy Butler Lark- Kasbah.  I am using a different Amy Butler print for the Sew-a-Long portion of our KAL. I'll also probably make my next one a bit longer. I love below-the-knee skirts and this one is not quite long enough for my taste.

Lastly, while I was sick last weekend, I was able to finish up a new design I've been working on. The yarn is by Knitted Wit, a independent hand-dyer out of Portland, Oregon and a new pal I met at Stitches West. I just couldn't resist buying a skein of Bulkan in Peacock from her booth and am so excited to share this design with you very soon. I love it. It's a bit hipster, a bit Steve Zissou, unisex, and reversible. What more could you want?

Ok, with that, I am getting off this dang computer, into the shower, and to work for the day. I hope you all have a great Wednesday!