Spoonflower and Some Thrifting.

So, for my birthday this year I decided to treat myself to a little Spoonflower.  I've been coveting some of their fabrics for a while so I finally broke down and bought a few prints. I couldn't be more thrilled with my pretty purchases!  Here is a photo of the three that I ordered hanging on the line:

I love the Foxes and will probably order another yard so that I can make a skirt out of it.  Cute, eh?  All of these prints are by Holli Zollinger, probably my favorite designer on Spoonflower.

For those of you who have never heard of Spoonflower, definitely check it out.  It's an awesome company that allows you to design your own fabric prints and have them printed.  You can also upload your designs for others to buy.  All of the fabrics are printed to order which means that when I placed my order, they got the blank fabric out and printed it just for me.  How cool is that?!?!

Also in time for my birthday, I scored a HUGE find while thrifting recently.  I was at my favorite Reno Goodwill store sifting through the tablecloths and napkins (I collect vintage cloth napkins) and I stumbled across some napkins with Williams-Sonoma tags on them.  Four of them in a little set.  As I kept looking, I found four more!  Well, this was exciting enough, but I continued down the row and found the matching tablecloth as well!  These were a 100% Linen, Jaquard type fabric tablecloth and napkin set in perfect condition and exactly the right color to go in our living/dining room!  So, I was pretty excited and then I saw the price: $3.99 for the tablecloth and $0.69 each for the napkins!

I quickly grabbed my phone and went to the Williams-Sonoma website to look up these tablecloths as I was pretty sure they were quite expensive.  I was right.  A similar tablecloth on their website right now sells for $149.95 and the matching napkins are $59.95 for a set of four.  Right, so for the price of less than one of those beautiful napkins, I got the whole set!  What a steal!  The best part is that the set is spotless.  Like someone used it only once or twice and then never again.  I am so amazed at my luck!

It may seem trivial that I got so excited over a tablecloth and napkins, but hey, it's the little things right? I'll leave you with this picture of Enid, who spent the better part of last Saturday following Nick around the backyard and then nesting in this half empty planter occasionally kicking up some dirt. She's a pretty cute chicken when she wants to be.

Happy Friday!