Embracing the quiet...and...a new place to hang our hat...

Hello everyone!  It's been a busy fall, and I can now safely say that the craziness that was this summer has finally died down.  Lots and lots of big changes were afoot this summer such as: Nick's Borders store closing and his subsequent new job, my place of employment--Jimmy Beans Wool-- moved to a larger awesome new space, Nick's new work moved as well shortly after, and all the while we were involved in trying to purchase a home.

We put in the offer on June 30th and finally closed on the house on September 26th.  The day after our 1st wedding anniversary!  It was a long 3 months of waiting and signing papers, and waiting some more and we finally did it!  We bought our own little piece of land to call our own!  So of course, with the home purchased, that led way to a very busy fall season as we moved out of my in-laws and into our new place.  We are still unpacking boxes, but for the most part we are settled in.

It's been such a crazy 6 months, and I am so glad that things are finally winding down a bit.  Work is calming a ton with the addition of more staff in my department and I am finally able to be a manager/leader and deal with internal improvements which I've not been able to do since I took on that role earlier in the spring.  Even the holidays aren't getting me all worked up this year.  I've done a good job of planning for them this year and I think I should have plenty of time with my gift giving plans and such--plenty of hand-made goodness.  It's gonna be a good season. So all of that said, I wanted to share with you some of the pictures taken in preparation for our housewarming potluck last month.  The house is a work in progress but you can definitely see the potential!

So that is the short tour.  It's still a work in progress and we are so excited to put our mar on the place.  As you can see, the previous owners did a ton of work on the place and needs very few modifications, just  a bit of our personality and my crafty touch!  I'll post more (and hopefully better) pics as we do just that.

In the meantime, I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving!  I know I have a lot to be thankful for this year.  I am looking forward to spending the day with my family and avoiding the chaos of Black Friday by crafting the day away.  I hope you all have a fun and safe weekend as well!