Random summer happenings...

Here are some of the random things I've been up to this summer that don't really need a whole post: Knitting, lots of it.  Many projects.  Too many really.  Here's a few:

Cooking.  Sometimes.  Less than I would like actually, but all efforts have been a success.

These Quinoa Cakes are from Eating Well Living Thin...so good!

The Bread is from this article in the New York Times:

And this tomato soup is from the Spoon With Me Blog, double yum!

Pinterest.  I'm obsessed.  Everyone should try it.  Do it so I can follow your boards!  It's where I found most of the recipes above.

Pickling.  Here's a photo, but you can read about all of my pickling adventures with the gals at JBW here.

This awesome all women's music festival put on by some friends that took place here:

And one other big project that involves this:

and this:

More on that soon...