My best friend's wedding.

July brought with it beautiful weather, and the long awaited union of my oldest friend and her beloved.  Marian and I met in pre-school.  We weren't in the same class, but we somehow became friends over sharing the sandbox for digging or something like that. We lived on the same street and she was my marching buddy in the annual pre-school parade. We wore paper grocery bags and construction paper crowns that we decorated ourselves. We totally rocked those outfits.

Years and years later, we've maintained a close friendship.  I moved to Oregon when we were 9 , but because our parents were friends, we stayed close and visited often.  It helped that all of my family still lived in the small town in Central California that we hailed from.  We saw each other at least 3 or 4 times per year.

More importantly though she's always kind-of been the sister I used to ask my parents for.  She was an only child, so my brother and I provided her with the sibling companionship that she'd always wanted too.  My brother and I actually fought over her constantly to the point where she would have to sit between us to keep the peace at all times.  "Marian in the middle" became the running joke.

Marian went to THE Ohio State University for college and moved all the way across the country.  I visited when I could and so did she, and we've managed to maintain our relationship over the years.  Four years ago, she moved to the Washington DC area for a boy, and the rest is history.

She was my maid of honor last year in Nick's and my wedding.  My oldest friend stood beside me as we said our vows and supported me in every way throughout the process. Shortly before Nick's and my wedding, Sean her wonderful fella, proposed to her!  We simultaneously celebrated her engagement and my wedding, both so excited for one another.

Of course, I was asked to be in her bridal party and I couldn't have been more thrilled. And that's how I found myself, on a beautiful afternoon in July, all gussied up and ready to celebrate with my oldest friend.  I even made her this cute little garter to wear under her gorgeous dress.  (I'm still working on their actual wedding gift, which will probably be done just in time for when cold weather strikes.)

Congratulations Marian and Sean!  May your lives together be awesome and fun and full of love, laughter and light!