The Reno-Tahoe Odyssey-- an adventure to remember...

Ok, so back in June I posted a picture of my RTO team the Gold Diggers.  For those who have never heard of the RTO, it's a 178 mile road relay race.  You run with a team of 12 people and keep running until you run all 178 miles!  Sounds crazy right?  Well, when you break it down, each person averages just under 15 miles broken up into 3 sections over a 24-36 hour timeframe.  I actually only had to run about 13 miles, and my longest section was only 5.8 miles.  Not too difficult right?  Well, not until the middle of the night exhaustion sets in at least.

It sounds pretty funny... a bunch of running hippie girls calling themselves "Gold Diggers."  Well, to be honest, it was sort of ironic in a lot of ways.  In others, the name lent itself to a fun mining theme with great costume potential.  All insinuations aside, we had a fun time with the theme.

We probably expended more energy dancing and cheering at the exchange spots than anything else.  We also passed out tons of "bling" to other runners and gave plenty of "go get 'em tiger" butt taps with our gold toy shovels.

The race was held on June 3rd and 4th starting on Friday morning and ending mid-day on Saturday.  We had such a blast!  And to top it off, all of the other teams voted, and we won most spirited team!  Out of 210 teams!  How cool is that?  We were elated to win that coveted award.

We are already planning next years race.  New team shirts and jackets.  Hopefully faster running times...we've even made arrangements for our Army "Digger" to run via satellite from her deployment post in Afghanistan.  So awesome!

These ladies I ran with are truly some of the best people I know.  Some I've known for a long long time.  For example my best friend Elle who I've known since Jr. High, and Jenny who I've known just as long--we all had 8th grade French together with Monsieur Martin.  Danielle, Ali, and Renee are all gals that I've known for years, are some of my closest pals, and they are so dear to my heart.  Maresa, I met through Jenny in college and she's been a good friend ever since.  Years later when I met my husband, it turned out his best friend from high school is Maresa's younger brother!  Small world.  These ladies are more then just friends to me, they are family.  And there is no other group of women that I would want to endure this extremely challenging race with.

So here's to the "Gold Diggers", the Reno Tahoe Odyssey 2011's Most Spirited Team. May next year be even more spirited and fun!

Hope you are all having a great weekend!