Little Red in the City

I am so excited to share with you a new little bit of awesomeness I acquired last night!  I managed (thanks to a generous boss and coworker) to get my hands on an advance signed copy of Ysolda Teague's book Little Red in the City!  Oh so very exciting, as I've been a huge fan of Ysolda and have been following her blog since she started designing.  Working where I do sure has its perks as the book is currently still on pre-order, but should be arriving in stores soon. ;)  So, as Friday is one of my days off, I took advantage of the sunshine and sat outside in the yard for a bit this morning to read and absorb the amazingness that is this book.  Ysolda takes sweater knitting to a whole new level in Little Red in the City by addressing the issues that plague many knitters...sizing and shaping to fit.

So many of us struggle with making garments that fit us properly.  My biggest issues tend to be broad shoulders, a larger than average ribcage and a long torso.  These factors make constructing garments a bit tough for me unless I stick to strictly top-down methods of knitting, and even then things can get a bit dodgy.  After reading through some of Ysolda's informative book, I feel much more confident that I can construct a better fitting sweater.

You can tell that Ysolda put a lot of thought into each section of the book.  She spends good amount of time discussing the importance of yarn choice, swatching, taking proper measurements and doing your math.  I've heard all of this before of course, but she does a really great job of explaining in her voice, why these things are all important and can make or break a good sweater.

She writes in her introduction, "When you knit, you commit money, time and work, and after all of that you get to try the garment on.  If this book does one thing, I'd love it to help more knitters feel like the investment is worth it.  That they are going to reach that moment of trying a sweater on and fall in love with what they've made."  Amen to that!

I don't think I've read a knitting book so thoroughly in a long time.  It has a fun lightness and personal touch to it that keeps it interesting and makes me want to keep reading.  Not to mention that the photography is beautiful as well!

I've decided that my first project from the book is going to be the Lauriel Sweater (which the beautiful Amanda from Lorna's Laces is modeling on the cover).  I have 10 skeins of Lorna's Laces Green Line DK in my stash in a delicious berry color that will be perfect for this sweater!  I am so excited to get started, but I have 2 very important projects to finish before I do so.  My Larch Shawlette for the Endless Possibilities KAL that I am leading, and a very special wedding gift.  I figure by the middle of July I'll be able to cast on!

I also plan to knit several more of the designs from this book (there are 7 customizable designs in 15-17 size options) including Cria, Chickadee, Melia, and Skelf which are all amazing and very well written designs.  After reading through "Little Red in the City" I feel confident that I can utilize the tools that Ysolda provides and apply them to other garments I make to refine the fit for my needs.  I'm so grateful for this beautiful book!  Many thanks and huge kudos to Ysolda for a job well done!

Happy knitting everyone,