Donner Pass Cowl- Another New Original Design!

**Please note, as of 4/8/14, this pattern is no longer free. It has been re-edited and formatted (read: it's much better than before!) and is now available for a small fee on Ravelry. Thanks so much for your interest in my design!** Hello again everyone!  As you can see i've been a busy bee lately!  Yes, I have yet another design to share with you all today.  In fact, i've got about 4 more designs coming down the pipeline in the next few weeks so keep a watch for those as well!  I've been sitting on a few of these for a while, just trying to find the time to finish editing, test knitting, and photographing them!  Hopefully you'll enjoy these 2 most recent patterns, and all the ones in store!

This pattern-- the Donner Pass Cowl-- was inspired by my time spent leading snowshoe hikes for Northern Nevada kids.  I hope you enjoy the warmth, beauty, and simplicity of this design!

Buy the PDF on Ravelry here.

Enjoy the pattern and please be sure to post your pics on Ravelry if you knit it!

Thanks and happy knitting!