Quick knits for the holidays

I have been a busy bee! I've been working on all kinds of little projects and I am so excited to share some of them with you! I have a few design projects that i'll need to keep under wraps for a little longer but I can certainly share with you all some of the fun holiday gifts i've been working on. First off, I have been seriously obsessing over knitted dishcloths lately! I know, what a silly thing to be so excited about, but I love the utilitarian aspect of them! They are great in the kitchen and bathroom alike. I don't know anyone who wouldn't want a pretty little dishcloth or washcloth to use. Seriously, so handy, and some are really pretty. Take this round flower-like one i've made a few of now. So simple, nice short-rows, easy peasy make in an evening sort of thing...I love it! I'm definitely giving a few as gifts this year just cause I really like making them! :)

Over this past weekend, I really got a bug to knit some Christmas Tree Ornaments. I am really into keep-sake holiday items as I recently purchased this lovely little gem of a holiday wreath.

I know, I probably could have made it, but this lovely gal was selling them at the craft fair I sold at a couple of weekends ago and I just couldn't resist. It was so pretty!

Anyway, so I decided I needed to make some lovely little tree ornaments and this is what I came up with...

I just cast on a stitch or two and increased until I had a little tree, added a bit of brown yarn to the bottom, threw on some shiny buttons and bobbles and voila! Ornament! And a cute one if I do say so myself!

I'll probably make a few more and give them to friends and family for their trees. Nick and I aren't doing a tree this year. Mainly because there is absolutely no room in our house for a tree of any size, and also because we are going to be moving shortly after Christmas and don't want to deal with packing up decorations on top of everything else. It's really ok though, we'll be spending the holiday with both our sets of parents at his family's house. I love that our families can easy get together for the holidays and actually like each other enough to do so! It's so fun!

I mentioned that we are moving...we're not going far actually. We are moving in with...drumroll please...the in-laws! I know, I know, not super exciting, but we have a goal, and that goal is to buy a house in a year or so. We figure the best way to make that possible is to move into their house for a bit. Nick is in school getting his masters in education and when he is done in a year we are hoping he'll get a teaching job. Hopefully that will mean we can settle down for real somewhere...ideally in Reno. We are really looking forward to having a home of our own, but in the meanwhile, we'll be making a home at his parents house (which is huge, btw). We'll have our own master suite and living downstairs on a separate floor of the house from his parents. We'll basically only share a kitchen/dining area. It's a pretty ideal situation for that particular situation so we feel really lucky to have this option.

Anyway, so that is pretty much it for now. I'm still plugging along on Nick's sweater and a few other small things. I'm looking forward to having another nice relaxing weekend like this last one where I can get lots and lots done...well, one can dream...