So, i've been trying really hard to be better about the whole breakfast thing. I know it's like good for you and all, but i'm usually not really a breakfast person. I like some coffee and then i'm good until about noon or 1pm. I know, not healthy! I just get frustrated with how hungry I feel about 2-3 hours after I eat breakfast, where I can usually go much longer without. I know the science behind all of this, getting your metabolism going and all, but usually at work I can't be bothered to eat a bunch of snacks throughout the day. None the less, I am attempting this whole breakfast thing. For example, last Friday I made a delicious oatmeal. I went for the whole rolled oats, as those are supposed to be the most hearty. I mixed with it some brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, dried cranberries, and walnuts. I also put a bit of ground flax seed and a slapped some vanilla yogurt on top. It was delicious, it was chewy and good, and looked a little something like this:

I felt healthy afterwards, like maybe this was going to take me through the morning. However, by 11:30, I was hungry again. Bummer. I guess if I am going to try to eat breakfast, i'm just going to have to commit to the mid-morning snack. Oh well. Such is life.