Weekend fun.

This weekend was quite a productive and fun one as well. While the rest of Reno was off Zombie Pub Crawling and other sundry Halloween related activities, Nick and I had a rather quiet and calm weekend. We spent Friday night with some friends eating pie (made for us by our lovely friend Anne who works with Nick--it was delicious!!!), drinking tea, and playing Settlers of Catan (a super fun strategy-based board game.) I know, I know, sounds like a super lame thing that only boring married people would do. But don't judge, it was super fun! Plus, our friends we were playing with, Sean and Sarah, are expecting a wee babe in a few months (lot's of baby knitting is happening) and are not partying too much these days. Nick and I were happy to join them for some good wholesome fun. After a long crazy week, it was just what the doctor ordered. We actually played into the wee hours of the morn, 'cause we're hard core like that... Saturday, I worked as usual but was excited to purchase the new Lorna's Laces Limited Edition color for the month: Caramel Pumpkin Latte. It's nice to take advantage of the perks of being an employee at JBW, first dibs on the new arrivals! This months color is so pretty, it's the perfect fall color! I bought two skeins of the Green Line DK weight and already have visions of lovely knitted items dancing in my head... so fun! Must. Focus. On. Holiday. Knitting.

Speaking of which, my gift for Nick is coming along quite nicely actually. I've had a bit of time to work on it in the past week and have made it past the shoulders and to the body. It's starting to look like an actual sweater, which is always a good thing. I'm hoping to have it done really soon so I can start working on some other fun projects... Please don't mind the horrible photos...our house has terrible lighting, and our camera isn't great to boot. We are planning a new camera purchase very soon...that should help.

Saturday evening brought with it Nick's mom's 60th birthday party which was super fun, and of which I failed to get any photos! So sad! We had a good time partying with Nick's parents friends (who are all very cool and whom we haven't seen since the wedding), stuffing ourselves silly, and drinking wine in honor of Nancy's 60th. So much fun. My dad turned 60 last year and it was such a huge milestone for him, so this felt momentous as well.

Sunday was spent with a not so quiet morning of football. Fantasy football has taken over our home, and I am so looking forward to us someday having the willpower to get rid of the television. (Dear grilled cheesus, please give me the strength to survive football season...) I had an 11 am knitting lesson with my lovely little 9 year old student Elianna, who is a very proficient knitter-- she's already doing hats! Afterwards, I knitted a bit, took Wallace for a walk and did some cooking preparations for the week.

Nick and I have been doing some informal meal planning each sunday in order to have a more organized cooking schedule throughout the week. I would eventually like to begin making more detailed schedules using a template, like the one Meg uses over at Sew Liberated. Either way, it has been helping us cook more efficiently at home, and it takes the thinking out of dinner planning. I work until 7pm most evenings, so it's nice to know what we are having and be able to come straight home and throw it together. Much better than throwing in the towel and getting takeout.

So last night we had Cheesy Grits, Cooked Greens, and Fried Green Tomatoes (the tomatoes were courtesy of Elianna's parents who have an enviable garden.) Delicious! I also made Jalapeno Cheddar Cheese Bread using the basic recipe from my favorite bread book. I took quite a few beauty shots of dinner as it was quite a sight to behold... Yum. Double yum.

After dinner and clean-up, I knitted again for a while before I crawled into our lovely cozy bed, complete with new linens, duvet, and feather bed--getting married sure has it's perks--and began to read my new Sookie Stackhouse book by Charlaine Harris (of True Blood fame). The series came recommended to me by a friend, and since I mildly enjoyed the Twilight series this summer, I figured i'd give these a shot as they are more geared towards adults instead of teenage girls...never thought I would be a fan of vampire books..who knew?! It was perfect for a Halloween evening.

Of course, waiting for me in bed were these two...

Of course Wallace has to take up more than his fair share of the bed... he's been sleeping with us more as it's been getting colder...winter is not far off...

So, that was it for my weekend...how was yours?