Back with a vengeance!

So, I know I haven't posted anything in this space for a while now, but, i'm pretty sure I have plenty of good reasons--getting married, going on a mini-honeymoon, starting the new/old job, and finishing 2 design projects just to name a few... Anyway, I am happy to say that I am back and plan to post more frequently here as I am sure I will have much fun stuff to share in the coming months! I also plan to share some fun wedding photos, as my photographer, Lucas Balzer, is amazing!!! He sent me a few teaser photos right after the wedding and I have anxiously been awaiting more, these are gorgeous! If you live in the Portland area or anywhere on the west coast (as I believe he is willing to travel) and are getting married, you should look him up, he is phenomenal!

In other news, I was asked by my boss at Jimmy Beans if I would be interested in designing something for Plymouth Yarn Company's October newsletter. Of course I jumped on the opportunity! I did a design similar to a hat I had knitted for myself before, in one of Plymouth Yarn Companies yarns called Kudo. It came out beautifully! Jimmy Beans Wool was the featured Yarn Shop in the issue, and my pattern was included as the free pattern! So exciting! It will go up on Ravelry soon, and also as a free pattern on the Jimmy Beans Wool site!

Other then that, I have been trying to clean the house up after wedding madness, working on some super fun knitting projects, and just decompressing from all the craziness of the summer. Oh, and writing thank-you notes...lots of them...

Anyway, that is pretty much it for today, I am off to work, but i'll be back here soon to share in more detail some of the fun things that have been going on around here... until then, have a wonderful day!!!