The epic tale of the bone....

Last week, Sir. Wallace got a new bone. He was pretty excited so he wagged his tail.

Then he jumped around like a circus dog, trying to reach the bone, which was much to high for such a little dog.

Finally he latched on with his fierce Schnauzer teeth and claimed his prize.

But wait, now, he must protect this prize, by hovering over it!

Ooh, but that isn't enough. Now he whines and whines with the bone in his mouth as he searches the castle for a good spot to hide it...from all the other dogs... (there are no other dogs)

So he takes it and hides it under the blanket in his bed. Good spot Wallace. Good spot.

Now he can relax.

Or maybe even nap.

*All of these pictures were taken in the span of about an hour. He really is so silly and protective when he gets a new bone. And seriously, who needs a TV when you have a ridiculous Schnauzer and a camera to entertain you?