Fabulous Dahling....

So, the weekend before I left for the Rubies, one of my best friends, Elle, came to visit, bringing with her a wonderful bounty of harvest delights. She is working as a farm in Sacramento (just 2 hours away) called Soil Born Farm which is a non-profit farm working to help connect youth to their food systems. She is interning on the farm this summer and fall and is hoping to become an AmeriCorps Volunteer there next year! So exciting for her, as this is a long time dream of hers to learn the farmin' life so she can one day own her own farm. She brought me all kinds of foodie treats like tomatoes, tons of basil (pesto anyone?), potatoes, garlic, cucumber, eggplant, and beautiful flowers. I am so excited for her as she seems to have finally found her passion in life. This is a picture of Elle here with Blossom, the farm chicken who thinks she's a dog:

So anyway, she came to visit me for a short weekend as I had to leave on Sunday to drive the 5 hours to Lamoille (in the Ruby mountains) and we hung out, cooked food, went thrifting, and made the hair pieces for all the bridesmaids and myself for the wedding! Such a fun time!

So, I decided that the girls needed something for their hair, but I wasn't sure what. I got too looking at the beautiful work that Myra Kim does over at Twigs and Honey, but knowing that 4 of them plus something for me wasn't exactly in the budget, I decided to try doing it myself. (You should check out Myra's stuff though, it's gorgeous!) So enlisted Elle's help as she has the crafty gene as well, and we went to town and got them done in one evening and it only cost around $35 for all of them! I can't take any credit for the bridesmaids hair pieces. My veil took a pretty long time, so Elle just whipped those out in no time flat. They turned out so cute. Very western saloon girl-esq but with a hint of modernity.

We wanted my veil to stand out from the rest so we made the hairpiece part bigger and just different. It came out beautifully, but I feel like it still needs a bit of something... maybe some pearl beads. Another thing I am not sure about is wearing this all night long. I feel like the veil might be too much at some point and I may want to take it off, in which case, maybe I need to make a second hair flower that is just for later in the evening... Any suggestions?

We used a tutorial from Once Wed on birdcage veil making and it was very helpful. We deviated quite a bit from their design, but used it for the basics. They really are fabulous, aren't they dahling?

This was the perfect DIY project for a Saturday evening, and I am so glad I had the chance to hang out with one of my besties in the process. What are some of your recent DIY projects?