Yes, I made my own what?

So, I did it. I finally tried the DIY toothpaste thing and you know what, i'm thrilled. Granted, it's only been a day, but the two times i've used the stuff, i've been pretty pleased with the results. Now, i'm not particularly great with explaining some of the reasons for switching to a homemade recipe, but there are plenty of good arguments out there for it. I used the recipe that Rachel over at Clean uses for her family, but I made a couple of simple changes. Here's what I put in it: -1 tbsp Water -1 tsp Dr. Bronners (Almond Flavor, but you can use unscented or Peppermint) -4 tbsp Coconut Oil -1 tsp Stevia liquid 10-15 drops of Sweet Orange Essential Oil

*I made a quadruple batch to fill the empty Agave Nectar container I stored it in.

Directions: Heat mixture up over med heat and whisk quickly until it's blended. Pull it off the heat and continue whisking for a few minutes. After it's cooled a bit, transfer it to some kind of a bottle with a squeeze cap. Enjoy! The original recipe called for Peppermint AND Sweet Orange Essential Oils, but all I had on hand was the Orange and the co-op was out of Peppermint. It tastes yummy anyway!

Even the "All Natural" brands of toothpaste contain yucky chemicals and things you can't pronounce. That being said, I don't eat a lot of sugar, and my diet is extremely healthy but I have been having some tooth issues this year. It got me thinking that maybe it's the toothpaste. I figured i'd give it a shot...if you try it, let me know what you think!

Next up... homemade deoderant... stay tuned...