Celebratory Quiche...

So, last night, I came home really excited because..... I got a JOB!!! So, as many of you know, I have been serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteer for the past year. This is my 2nd VISTA service term in 3 years. I took a year off in between and worked part time at a yarn shop while doing some contract teaching work on the side. This was a fun year but I ultimately wanted to teach full time. I made plans to go back to school and was then offered another VISTA term with the hopes that I would build my program and fund my own job for the following year. Well, the economy has continued to hit non-profits hard, and that unfortunately wasn't able to happen. Fortunately though, I am able to leave Sierra Nevada Journeys with curriculum to use in the future. Although I am sad to be leaving, I am looking forward to my new plans for the future.

I am still planning to work towards becoming a certified Waldorf teacher, and I plan to start that process this fall through some weekend courses and hopefully next summer as well. In the meanwhile, i'll be happily going back to work at my favorite yarn shop-- Jimmy Beans Wool! I am thrilled to be going back full time starting in August right after my VISTA year ends...

Being a part of the JBW family is so much fun and so inspiring. There is never really a dull moment as there is always something to do-- customers to help with their most recent knitting problem, new inventory to oogle, price and stock, blogging and tweeting, orders to pull and pack. Also, Doug and Laura Zander, the owners, are two of the coolest people and treat their employees SO well! As one of the largest online retailers of yarn and knitting supplies in the western US, Jimmy Beans isn't your grandma's knitting shop! It is a knitting empire in the making! I know it'll be a fun way to keep me busy while I work towards my goals. I am so excited--can you tell?

So, in order to celebrate a bit (although it doesn't take much to make me want to cook) I made a spinach, zucchini, goat cheese, and garlic scape quiche. We celebrated with that and some Modelo Especial for dinner. It was a hot day in Reno--over 100 degrees, and we were feeling it. But the lucky thing about living in the high desert is that it almost always cools down to a sweatshirt-wearing temperature at night and cools us all down.

And on another fun note, our wedding invites have arrived from Hello Lucky! After dinner, I was able to start addressing them with the fun new pen I bought. Can't wait to get them in the mail! We've decided to send out some cute recipe cards with all of the invites and ask people to write their favorite recipe on them to share with us. They will then bring the cards to the wedding (hopefully) and will past them into the guestbook which will become a cookbook for us after the wedding! I am so excited to see what delicious dishes people share with us. The idea is that we will cook them together during our first year of marriage and then can send an e-mail or letter to thank the person for their recipe and tell them how it went. I thought it would be a fun project for us to cook our way through our guestbook!


Happy hot summer evenings to you all!