The things we brought with us...

So, 4th of July weekend came and went, and we had so much fun! I wanted to report on it shortly after we returned but life just became absolutely crazy again! I've been trying so hard to find a job, keep our little garden alive, and keep up all of my many commitments, that I just haven't had time to write here. Since the 4th of July is Nick's birthday, we wanted to do something special. So we decided to go backpacking someplace local and get out of the crowds for the weekend. It ended up being just what we needed! Along with us came our good friends Bethany and George and their dog Elbee. We had such a good time together, hiking, enjoying the forest, and relaxing while playing Euchre (a new-to-me card game that is apparently very popular in the midwest). What a nice way to spend the 4th, although there did seem to be a big mosquito infestation. Everyone came home with bites, including me, which is unusual as they don't usually like me that much.

We hiked in from Spooner Lake (on Hwy. 28 which goes around the East and North Shore of Lake Tahoe) and stayed at North Canyon Campground. On Saturday, we hiked to Marlette Lake and spent part of the day relaxing on the shore and doing a little swimming. Burr! It was still freezing from the snow melt!

We had originally planned to hike out via the Chimney Beach Trail, which is absolutely gorgeous, but very steep downhill for about 5 miles. I ended up breaking my toe on our Marlette day hike and didn't want to chance hurting it further so we hiked out the way we came in, which was pleasant.

Since we arrived home a bit early, George and Bethany invited us over for BBQ and some card games, which we gladly accepted. So we spent the evening of the 4th hanging out in Reno, playing some more Euchre, and eating tons of good food.

Most importantly, Nick had a good birthday and is looking forward to his present-- tickets to see the Hold Steady in Chico at the end of August. He's so excited. Hope you all had a good 4th of July too!

P.S. I managed to finish "The Poisonwood Bible" that weekend also (hence the title). So amazing! Worth pushing through until the end....