The Engagement Photos are in!

So, this is also old news for a few of you, but that is ok. Nick and I had an engagement photo session with our Wedding Photographer, an old friend of mine, Lucas Balzer. He happened to be in town about a month ago visiting his sister (and my best friend) Elle who is handling the decorations for the wedding. He offered to take some engagement photos of us one night so we took him up on his offer! Pretty exciting as we weren't really planning on having these done, but it was a lot of fun walking around downtown Reno at night taking these. Here are a few of our favorites...

I love Lucas' photography and I think he captured us perfectly in these. We are so excited to have him do the wedding as well. He is a Portland-based photographer but is willing to travel... Check out his services on his website! :) (Sorry for the plug, but he's a good friend so I thought I would talk him up a bit--though i'm pretty sure not many people read this blog...)