So about a week ago, my beloved Toshiba Laptop computer (that weighed about a million pounds and was so big it couldn't fit into ANY computer bag I sought out for it) was stolen out of my car at a park in Reno. Now, I know you must be thinking, "Kristen, what were you doing leaving your computer in your car?!?!?" That is a very good question. I actually NEVER leave my computer in my car and this one time was the exception. I was doing some location research for the new educational program I am building, and I was on my way to work. Since my home computer is also my work computer, I had it with me. I covered it all up when I got to the park and locked up all the doors and went for a little walk to explore. I was gone maybe 25 minutes and I came back to my car only to find that my car door had been jimmied, and my whole computer bag had been taken. Inside it was also my wallet with my social security card and passport (I know, I know, stupid Kristen! I actually had just put those things in there that morning as well as I needed them for something.) What are the chances?

Yes, the worst had happened. This person was experienced as they jimmied the door (or I assume as the window wasn't broken or anything), and chances are they were probably watching me as I covered up my computer and locked up my car... creepy. The person who stole my stuff went and immediately tried to use all of my credit cards. Luckily credit card companies are used to dealing with this sort of stuff everyday now so it wasn't a big deal to get them to reverse the charges and whatnot. The biggest bummers are my passport, soc. sec. card and my computer.

Here's another stupid Kristen moment...I hadn't backed up anything on that computer yet... I know, I know! I had just gotten an external hard drive and had not yet backed it all up. Lesson learned... take no chances... Back it up (and get renters insurance)! I lost all of my pics from the last 3 years, all of the knitting patterns I was working on and that I had saved from other designers, all of my work files including the new curriculum I was working on... everything... bummer.

So, I spent part of last week trying to recover from all of this. Thankfully, I was able to buy a new computer this weekend. I feel so lucky... and so in love with the system I bought! I have been wanting to buy a mac for years and I saw this negative thing that happened as an opportunity to get the system I wanted. So I went down to the mac store and bought this:


and it came with this:


All very exciting! I was eligible for the educator discount that is being offered right now so I saved a little money which was nice... especially since I am a volunteer right now and am trying to get by on an AmeriCorps stipend... Anyway, so what was kind of a downer of a week, turned out okay... although I have a feeling i'll be dealing with the repercussions of this for a while... Hopefully though, this will renew my interest in blogging and the like. So for now this is Kristen signing out with a message to all of you to BACK-UP, BACK-UP, BACK-UP YOUR WORK!