FO Fair Isle Hat.

So, here is the fair isle hat that I started last week and finished a couple of days later. I have just been lazy (and working on another invent-as-I-go knitted piece) and haven't posted it yet. So here it is! I'm also still working on those patterns I am promising to debut this month at Jimmy Beans. They will probably be out mid-month in the e-newsletter along with video reviews. So stay tuned! Anyway, here is my lovely hat. I am pretty pleased with how it came out. blog-photos-188

I had to rip it out and re-draw the grid 4 times! It was kind of a PIA (Pain in the Ass) but it came out pretty nice. I can still see ways to change it for the next go-round but I suppose if I didn't I couldn't really call myself a designer then could I? Anyway, I am really excited about the new piece I am working on right now. I'll just leave you with a little clue, it's the perfect little spring-colored sweater and will be great for layering. Also, it's quite girl-ish. I'm loving it!

Also, i've been obsessing over this home collection by Orla Kiely for Target. I read about it on the Kitty Genius blog which I have been reading for sometime. I just love Ashley's artwork! Anyway, I love the pear tablecloths and the chair cushions. I am probably going to invest in some. The best part is that the tablecloths are huge and far too big for my little vintage formica kitchen table. I'll probably cut them down and use the remaining fabric to make matching dishcloths or potholders or napkins! Oh the beauty of sewing machines! I love it.