Feeding an Obsession

So, I have been sheepishly shy about admitting my obsession until now. I have decided I can't hide it anymore. I HAVE A STRANGE FASCINATION WITH NEEDLEPOINT ART! There, I said it. Now some of you might not quite understand what I mean by this and if so, I am going to give you a walking tour of some of my best pieces. I must have 10 or so of these in my house now and every single one of them has come from the local Goodwill. I just can't imagine anyone wanting to give these treasures away! What spurred this sudden admission of my fixation you may ask? Well, yesterday, my lovely housemate Carolyn brought home this little gem to add to my collection since she knows how much I love Owls, and I just had to share it with you all: blog-photos-189

Here are some of my other favorites:




So yeah, now you all know my secret. Feel free to laugh. I don't mind. I'll just stay in my house all day and knit while enjoying my needlepoint art, drinking coffee and listening to NPR. Call me crazy if you want, but boy would I be happy!