Be mine.

Yeah, so it's Valentines day. I don't care for the holiday too much so I never really get into it in the weeks before-hand. However on the day of, I always feel a little bit more lovey-dovey than usual. What gives? I want to be anti- but somehow, I never really can. Maybe it's because I always loved the holiday as a kid. I always looked forward to signing all of those little cartoon valentines to each of my classmates and then taking them to school and putting them in the little construction paper mail folders we would hang from our desks. I loved eating those awful candy hearts with the sayings on them and reading each of my valentines as if all of the givers really meant the sentiments that were written on them. Nothing says valentines day like Bugs Bunny playing basketball. "You're a slam-dunk, Valentine!" My Valentine and I

I have no idea why, but this feeling has carried into my adulthood. It even survived my years of singledom. I can't explain it exactly. But anyway, even though I definitely want to barf at the cheesy diamond commercials that pop up around this time of year, and the hearts flowers and candy cliche, I still like to subtly celebrate the holiday in my own way.

With that, Nick and I are doing what we usually do: staying in, cooking dinner together, maybe watch a movie. None too exciting, but for us, it's the best possible evening. We don't feel that we need a holiday to be affectionate to each other, we do that all year round. Okay, you can stop the fake barfing noises now.

So, all that silliness aside, I wanted to share some fun things that have been inspiring me lately. First, this made me laugh hysterically. It kind of expresses my sentiment about the whole over-the-top nature of valentines day. This cozy and cute blanket by Ysolda reminded me that I hadn't yet bought her new knitting pattern collection "Whimsical Little Knits." I need to get on that. There are so many projects from it that I love! These mittens from Flint Knits. Love. Love, love, love. This Beret from the Shetland Trader. And finally, I was intensely envious of this. How awesome is a bouquet of yarn in lieu of flowers for the holiday? Pretty freakin' amazing if you ask me! Happy Valentines to everyone out there!