The Owls have landed.

I present to you my version of the Owls! I finished two nights ago but then needed to buy buttons and block it. I am so excited to wear these little guys! My housemate Carolyn and I took Wallace to the dog park today and frolicked out of the pasture and into the nature walk area. We were able to get a few good pictures of me modeling the sweater. I didn't need to modify it that much, only added a couple of inches to make it more tunic length on me. I could have made it a bit shorter actually but i'm pretty happy with it. Here they are: blog-photos-168



I'm taking the Owls roller skating tonight. My friend Dan is having a roller skating birthday (silly, I know) but I have a feeling that for him its going to include some amount of alcohol and lots of silliness. For me, it should be interesting. I haven't roller skated since that one night in my freshman year of college when we got bored and decided to go. It's been about 8 or 9 years since that night and i'm not sure if i'll remember how to do it. Anyway, should be interesting!