Getting hammered and eating Quiche.

So, I didn't exactly "get hammered" in the drinking sense. Today Nick and I drove to Carson City to go to the amazing hot springs they have there. It's worth the half hour drive to get out there just to soak in the amazing water for a few hours. I swear the water has healing powers! My back has been acting up for over a week now and it finally feels better! I love the hot springs, primarily because the pool is not so hot that you can actually soak until you are so pruney you would swear your extremities are about to fall off, but also because it is huge. You can actually swim laps there. Pretty happy after a good long soak.

Actually, the best thing about the Carson Hot Springs is the Hammer. It's really just the pipe that comes directly out of the actual hot spring and into the pool. If they turn it on at just the right speed, the super hot water and the pressure can be just enough to loosen up ANY tense muscles. In my case, usually my back. Now, you may be thinking, a developed hot spring? How is that better than a natural spring? Well actually, let me tell you. It's great. There is no cleaning the sand or dirt out of your bathing suit afterwards, it's just as natural as it comes directly out of the ground and into the pool, and there is more temperature control so you can stay in longer. As the water is constantly filtering through the pool and draining out the other end, it's not stagnant either and there is no need to chlorinate. In other words, it's awesome! I've been going to the Carson Hot Springs for years, and I never feel like I go often enough.

Otherwise, it's been a nice relaxing day off. Nick and I slept in and then I got up a bit before him and brewed some coffee from an amazing Organic local roaster we recently discovered, Blind Dog Coffee Roasters. I then made a quiche with a somewhat Tex-Mex flavor to it. I have recently been modifying my pie crust recipe when I feel like a more Spanish flavor. I love the recipe that I got from the Chicken a while back, but sometimes I will cut out one of the cups of flour and instead use one cup of corn masa flour. It gives the crust a nice corn flavor and definitely a more Spanish flavor. Add a little chili powder, and pepper jack cheese to the mix and then top with avocado and you have a really tasty meal! We'll be eating leftovers of this tomorrow for lunch. Mmm.

How pretty is that? Other then that, this evening will be filled with some knitting to work on my Prudence sweater, watching Lost, then early to bed. I'm up early tomorrow to teach for Sierra Nevada Journeys--my former employer with AmeriCorps--at one of the local elementary schools for a few hours. Should be fun!