Frontier Blues Jacket Blocking!

blog-photos-085 The Frontier Blues Jacket is blocking as I speak! It's starting to look a lot better now that it is pinned and stretched. I'm so excited to give this to my mom!


I've been working on this Camouflage hat for my dad.  I have already ripped it out twice.  Last Christmas I made him a really nice hat to wear while he had no hair during the chemo treament he was undergoing.  He seemed to like it, but his one comment was that it didn't have a cuff on it.  "Some people like to cuff thier hats you know," he said.  I chalked his grouchiness up to the chemo (it made him really cranky, ask my mom) but deep down I was a little hurt.  I guess this year, i've taken that into account while making him this silly hat.  So yeah, i've ripped it out twice but keep going back to the same original plan, 2x2 rib throughout and long enough to cuff.  I hope he likes it.  The yarn is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted in the Camouflage colorway.  He's a Hunter so I think he will really appreiciate the thought on the color.  The yarn is really cool, actually, it's knitting up really nicely.  Here is the hat so far, man oh man i'm so ready to be done with it!

blog-photos-083Later today I am hoping to start on another project, for my brother which I won't be able to post here as he may read this, and also a couple of other gifts.  7 days left until Christmas and I haven't even started Nick's gift yet!  Time to get knitting!