Life, Knitting, and the pursuit of Happiness.

So I know i've been on a major hiatus, but i've been gone, dealing with a death in the family, starting a new job, and knitting like a feind.  Lot's of craziness going on around here.  First, Nick and I went to San Diego (which to my surprise was pretty cool) for my friend Liz's wedding, yay Liz!  Then, on the way back we stopped at my parent's house to pick up Wally boy and found out that my Grandfather's condition was going downhill very quickly.  I went to the hospital to say my goodbyes and he passed away a few days later.  It was really hard for me since i've always been very close with him.  I've had a lot of support from close friends and family and I am very grateful. Since then, I have been working at Jimmy Beans Wool, our lovely local yarn shop.  It. Is. Awesome.  I have found new inspiration to go home and knit everyday.  I spend my days touching amazing fibers and I love, love, love it!  It is so much fun seeing what other people are working on and designing new projects for myself.  It's fantastic. It's also nice because we are busy, busy, busy! I'm amazed at how JBW (Jimmy Beans Wool) has been able to grow this last year in an economy that has taken a down-turn. We do 80% of our business through our website so that definitely helps. Anyway if you are looking for yarn, check us out!

I recently did The Holiday Art on the Lawn craft fair with Never Ender showcasing my Neckies. Lavender Ridge in Reno hosted it and it was so much fun!  I sold quite a bit of stuff which was great.  I've been trying to find new ways to market my little neck warmers, but the economy isn't helping.  It's okay, though, I am leaning in the direction of pattern design for the future of my business anyway.  I'll be keeping the remaining Neckies in my Etsy shop for a while.

I've been knitting like crazy recently, as I mentioned above, but mostly Neckies and Christmas Gifts like this sweater (that I am almost finished with) for my mom:

blog-photos-042blog-photos-044The pattern is the "Frontier Blues Jacket" by Wendy Bernard of Knit and Tonic.  It was featured in the Winter/Spring 2008 KnitScene.  I started this sweater back in May with the intention of making it for myself, but I got busy and never finished it.  As time wore on, I realized that my mom would really love this sweater so Voila!  Christmas Gift.  I hope she loves it.  Actually, since I took these photos, I have attached the sleeves and done about 4" of yoke.  I've just started to shape the shoulders.  I'll post pictures of the finished project after I have it blocked.  I'm excited to have it finished!

I've been working on lots of other small projects. Many of my gift recipients are recieving hand-warmers this year so I have been making those like crazy.  I am making my dad very traditional a stocking cap out of this cool Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted Camouflage yarn since he is the big hunter in the family.  It's knitting up quite nicely but the pattern is super boring.  Last year I tried to do something more modern and fun for him and he complained about how the hat didn't have a brim he could fold up.  Here you go dad, this year you are getting a boring stocking cap, hope you love it!  At lease the yarn is cool and fun to work with...

Projects on the horizon (and oh there's a long list) include this lovely Sylvi Coat from the Winter Issue of the Twist Collective.  I am so excited to get started.  I'm making it in a beautiful deep eggplant color called Aubergine.  It's gorgeous!  Here's a sneak peak at that:sylvi

Anyway, so you can see how full my plate is right now.  I am going to try and be better about posting.  Hopefully at least a couple times a week.  That way I don't have to do any more gargantuan posts on here.

It's snowing right now and I have a cup of warm tea next to me.  I love winter!  I'll be back shortly with more pics of my knitting adventures and updates on my new foray into vegan cooking and baking!  Until then, happy cozy winter days to you!