My favorite mornings...

Involve this:Wake up!

And this: Silliness

After an evening of amazing Indian Food last night thanks to Schmoxy (my friends from camp, Gecko and Fox aka. Schmoxy, who used to be a professional chef, are staying at the house for a few days), watching the Republican Nat'l Convention and feeling sick to our stomachs, and Apples to Apples, coffee and some quality dog time were much needed. Also yesterday, Fox showed me how to make New England Style Mustard pickles! They are a cold fermentation so we just bought all of the pickling cucs Whole Foods (aka. Whole Paycheck) had in stock and used a bunch of the random jars we had lying around the house. Here they are! Pickles!

They should be ready to eat in about 5 days! Very exciting! Not only that but this is two days in a row for the blogging...I feel accomplished!