You probably thought I died at River Prom...

Not so...I have just been out of town for the last week and a half in probably the most beautiful place i've ever seen in Nevada...Lamoille Canyon. Sadly, I forgot my SD Card and couldn't take photos the whole time! I will have some soon but in the meantime here are are photos from the craziness that was this year's River Prom. SNJ Ladies

George, Eric, Me, Nick, Matt and Elle

Yep, there were 65 of us.

Sunday night was my boss, and good friend Jonathan's birthday. We threw him a surprise party and I baked him a birthday pie. This time it was Peach-rhubarb and it was amazing! Also, this time it was much more pretty then last time so I was able to take a picture and not be ashamed. I used the same crust recipe from Angry Chicken, and just winged it for the rest. The Peaches and Rhubarb came from last Saturday's Farmers Market and were so delicious! Here is my lovely's so pretty isn't it?

Peach-Rhubarb Goodness

Last night, after a full day of moving our office, I went to this amazingly beautiful place we Nevadan's fondly refer to as "the Playa." It is this amazing place in the Black Rock Desert (where the famous Burning Man festival happens) that is a dried up lake bed and has this very fine, silt-like dirt that dries in very cool cracked patterns. Anyway, we (Alison, Veronica, Jonathan, Nick, Wallace and I) drove up there to watch the media shower and say good-bye to some fellow AmeriCorps friends who are moving on very soon. It was an exhausting day but so worth the drive to the Black Rock. The Playa is seriously one of the coolest and most beautiful places on earth. when you walk across it, you literally feel like you are walking across the surface of the moon (or at least what you can imagine it must be like, plus a little gravity). Here are a few pics from that little journey...

The Playa at sunset

Nick's tootsies.

Alison, Veronica, Me, and Nick with Wallace.

Wallace, lovin' the Playa.

I'm making quiche tonight for dinner, i'll let you know how that turns out later...