My Prom dress is better than your prom dress...

A little bad poetry for you on a Friday morning... Ode to my pink River Prom dress:

When I saw you at the Goodwill, I knew you had to be mine, You were the prefect dress for River Prom, I know you'll always shine.

I will wear you in the river, I am sure you will get wet, People will squint their eyes to look at you, Only in admiration, don't you fret.

Barbie never dressed so well, She'll envy me the day, I wear you on the river, I'll be Queen in every way.

All hail the perfect River Prom dress, 2008! I can't wait to wear this tomorrow at the 5th annual River Prom that my friends put on. It's a ridiculous good time... I'll be posting photos for sure.

Also, Tamale making party at my house tonight...more on that soon...